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About Us

About Us

I suppose you could say that I’ve always craved adventure. My mom and nonna brought me to Venice for my first birthday - I believe that’s when it all began. Sure, maybe I was too young to know what was happening or where I was but I am convinced that this sole event in my young life is the one in which I would begin to wanderlust.


At the age of four, I started studying Italian. My hometown, Thorold, Ontario, has a large Italian population, and as much as I would try to resist, my mom would get me in the car, every Saturday morning, and bring me to Italian school. This went on for ten years. Couldn’t I be like the normal kids, sat in front of the TV watching my Saturday morning cartoons? Little did I know how much I would benefit from this treacherous weekly routine in the years to come (mothers  always know what best, as the saying goes).


When it came time to learn French at the age of nine, it came almost naturally to me. The rules of conjugation and pronouns almost all followed the same pattern. Masculine versus feminine nouns - easy! I liked to believe I was a natural born linguist and when the opportunity rose to come to France, I happily jumped at the chance. I was 17. I packed my suitcase and grabbed my shiney, new passport, and along with about a dozen other students from my high school, excitedly boarded the plane. Next stop: Paris.


My very first memory of Paris is exiting the métro into Place de la Concorde. My eyes grew larger and larger with fascination of the grandeur of the buildings, the glimmer of the fountains and the buzz of the city surrounding me. Those memories of group photos at Trocadèro with the Eiffel Tower looming in the backdrop, horse-drawn carriages along the cobblestone streets and the iconic red windmill of the Moulin Rouge will forever be embedded in my memory. Never did I imagine, that a decade later, I would call this beautiful city home.


I continued to study French and Italian at Brock University which presented myself for another opportunity to come abroad. This time for an entire year. So I packed my bags again, with the wanderlust pumping through my veins. Only this time, I couldn’t simply pick up my passport and go. The decision to go abroad for such a lengthy amount of time came hand in hand with a generous amount of paperwork for student visas, loans and proof of accommodation. I had papers coming out of my ears and I felt in over my head. It was then, when my nonna suggested applying for my European Union passport. All that was necessary, was for my mom to also apply and voilà, off to Europe I could go. Of course, nothing it was not as simple as it sounded, but after weeks of meetings at the Italian Embassy and even more files and forms, my application was submitted and approved, and finally, at last, off to Europe I went.


I spent the first four months of this new adventure living in Italy where I studied Italian Renaissance Art and working on a translation project for my uncle’s company. Before starting school in the south of France, I backpacked around Europe, visiting eight wonderful countries, making new memories and friends. In September, I said arrivederci to Italy and with two heavy suitcases in toe, I arrived to the student residence in Perpignan. 


That year was one of the best years of my life. I dove head first onto the French culture and basked in it: the food, the music, the literature and history. French cheese, baguette and pastries were all at my fingertips. I enjoyed my classes through the Centre Universitaire d’Etudes Françaises, a job at a local bar and weekends at the beach, in the mountains or across the border in Barcelona. I had amazing friends, I learned to cook and my French was improving daily. The world was my oyster filled with the shiniest, most precious pearls.


However, all good things must come to an end including my year abroad. The tears did not stop flowing as I packed up my dorm room and bid au revoir to my dear friends and classmates. Now, fifteen years later, I find myself nestled into my cozy apartment atop the hills of Belleville peering over my terrace into the never-ending skyline of Parisian rooftops. Being an expat in Paris, I am often asked what brought me to the City of Lights in the first place?


After my studies, I settled in at home, working a 9-5 job. While this was a great experience and my family rejoiced that I was home to stay, I was craving adventure. After three years of the corporate lifestyle, it was time to jetset again. This time, Australia was on the horizon. And while I absolutely loved living Down Under, there was not a whole lot of opportunity to use my language skills. In fact, if anything, I lost much of my French that I spent years fine tuning. So I found myself packing my bags again; this time Paris was calling. 


I started working in the tourism industry right from the get-go when I moved to Paris. Coming from the Niagara Region in Canada and living a somewhat nomadic life, I spent many summers working in hospitality and tourism. Paris was now home for me and I thrived on showing tourists around the city that I continuously fell in love with more and more each day.


The year I turned 30, I felt inspired! While some people fall apart at the seams when approaching the big 3-0, I only felt more motivated than ever. And this is when the idea came to me, to launch my very own tour company! And at last, April in Paris Tours was born. This was the beginning of a new chapter of life. And it was exactly where I wanted to be. Finally, after nearly thirty years of life, of travel and of soul searching, it had all come together. 


For April, the REAL Paris, isn’t the one you read about in guidebooks. It comes from wandering the streets, eating in less known cafés, observing the locals and looking through windows and doors (in the most inconspicuous manner possible). By booking a tour with April in Paris Tours, you are guaranteed to gain an insider's knowledge of the history, see magnificent examples of art and architecture and discover the true treasures of Paris!


I look forward to meeting you in Paris soon! À bientôt!

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