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A La Carte Paris

April in Paris Tours‘ offer customized walking tours to places that aren’t featured in even the best Paris guidebooks. On a walking tour with April, you will experience Paris’ beauty and history from an insider’s perspective.

Colleen's Paris

Colleen’s Take Away: This is a guided walk if you want a Paris strolling moment without pressure to move quickly with April.  I recommend this tour because while dodging rain drops, protected by umbrellas...

Far & Wide

Every year, France’s glorious capital welcomes over 15 million visitors, many of whom spend hours on end queuing up at some of the city’s “must-sees”...


French Property News

She fell for the charms of the French capital as a teenager and now more than a decade later, Canadian expat April Pett has made herself at home in the City of Light and has been inspired to start her own business there too...

Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Parler Nice

Walking Tour

It’s pretty funny, to say the least, but beyond that, one can see the gardens of the museum, the Palais Acropolis, the cemeteries on top the Château de Nice, the Nice Observatory, the Hermitage Palace in Cimiez...

parler nice.jpg

Parler Paris

April Pett is one of those young North Americans (Canadian, actually) who landed in Paris, fell in love with the city, got to know it well and then wanted to share her love and knowledge with the rest of us.

Parler Paris IV

Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Today’s As I write this I'm on the TGV to Nice, catching a network or two using my iPhone's Personal Hotspot while the high speed train zooms along at such a speed that my ears keep popping. 


Walking Tour

Walking Tour

The Earful Tower

Today’s episode is a top-20 bonanza! I had tour guide extraordinaire April Pett in the studio to take me on a virtual walk through Paris. She gives her favourite street in each of the 20 Paris arrondissements...

Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Surgite Magazine

"In June 2015, I had been living in Paris, France for a year and a half. I had spend every breathing moment discovering the sites, sounds and savours of the city of light...

Parler Paris II

It's fitting that April Pett of "April in Paris Tours" should be speaking at Après Midi...in April, of course. Yep, we planned it that way...

Walking Tour

Walking Tour

Parler Paris III

Most tourists don't venture down into the depths of the 15th arrondissement to discover a market or a park or the life of the average Parisian. Even long-time residents such as myself don't normally bother...

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