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2-3 Hours



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Paris Art Walks connects you with art insiders excited to share their passion for Paris’s hidden treasures. Visit the museums and galleries with your guide, Naomi Cook, a knowledgeable local, artist and art aficionado. Learn what inspires artists, curators and enthusiasts living in Paris.


We are delighted to offer walking tours of three Parisian neighbourhoods:


Marais gallery walk

Explore Paris’s vibrant contemporary art scene with a walk through a selection of Marais galleries. Your visit will include the top Parisian international galleries, alongside the lesser known art spaces. Your guide, Naomi, will share with you insights on the history of the galleries, artists and areas you will be visiting. Develop your taste, define your opinions and expand your knowledge into what you like with a member of the Parisian arts community.

Along the way, you will learn about the history of the neighbourhood, its hidden spots and local treasures. Get to know the Marais like a local.

Belleville gallery walk

Belleville is a lively, creative district which lies at the crossroads of the 10th, 11th, 19th and 20th arrondissements in the North East of Paris. Packed full of artists, artisans, and galleries that have transformed this neighbourhood. Your visit through Belleville with your guide, Naomi, will give you an introduction to the up and coming galleries, the artists that have brought this neighbourhood to life and the studios they work in.

We will also explore the history of the neighbourhood, and wander through the street among the many cafés, bars and restaurants in this vibrant part of Paris. 

Beaux-Arts gallery walk

The galleries on the left bank have a lot to offer to art lovers and admirers of decorative art. This area is also known for its famous cafés and a numerous bookshops. It’s home to the 350 year old school of fine arts – École des Beaux-Arts. Historically the neighbourhood gave refuge to a number of Paris’s cultural past including Eugène Delacroix and Oscar Wilde. In the 1940s it was the centre for the existentialist movement. Today it’s blessed with a high end cultural environment and picturesque streets. Take a walk with your guide, Naomi, and visit the many galleries in this area, while learning about several key historical locations including the school, a key hotel and cafés.

We are also interested in tailoring your visit to your interests. Our tours are flexible, so don’t hesitate to send us a personal message about what gets you excited, so we can tailor the visit to you.

What's included?

Private 2 to 3 hour tour

Visit to 4 to 6 galleries

Local historical locations

Apéro and recap at a favourite local café

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*If your date is not available, please contact April in Paris Tours for more options.

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